Edgar D. Lee | Authors


Analysis of Organic Compounds in Water Using Unique Concentration–Injection Techniques for Portable GC–MS

In this study, a simple method was used for extraction and concentration of trace organic compounds in water, followed by injection using a coiled wire filament and GC–MS analysis. Common semivolatile organic compound contaminants at low parts-per-billion levels were detected in less than 10 min.

Rapid Field Detection of Chemical Warfare Agents, Simulants, By-Products, and Precursors Using Solid Phase Microextraction and Portable GC-TMS

Rapid sample preparation using the CUSTODIONâ„¢ solid phase microextraction (SPME) syringe was applied to chemical warfare agents (CWAs), CWA simulants, by-products, and precursors. The samples were analyzed quickly and reliably with a sample-to-sample cycle time of less than 3 min using the GUARDIONâ„¢-7 portable capillary gas chromatograph toroidal ion trap mass spectrometer (GC–TMS).

CUSTODION ™ SPME Syringe for Rapid Sample Collection and Sample Preparation of Drinking Water for the GC–MS Determination of Trihalomethanes

The CUSTODION™ SPME Syringes are a series of novel solid phase micro extraction syringes that incorporate Supelco Analytical's® (Bellefonte, Pennsylvania) SPME fiber technology. The SPME syringes are fabricated with injection-molded components and the device resembles a ball-point pen. The Supelco Analytical® SPME fiber assembly is housed inside the syringe.