Tai Truong | Authors


Analysis of Organic Compounds in Water Using Unique Concentration–Injection Techniques for Portable GC–MS

In this study, a simple method was used for extraction and concentration of trace organic compounds in water, followed by injection using a coiled wire filament and GC–MS analysis. Common semivolatile organic compound contaminants at low parts-per-billion levels were detected in less than 10 min.

The Applicability of Field-Portable GC–MS for the Rapid Sampling and Measurement of High-Boiling-Point Semivolatile Organic Compounds in Environmental Samples

A look at the use of field-portable GC–MS with solid-phase microextraction, purge-and-trap, thermal desorption, and heated headspace sampling techniques to provide a fast response for in-field analysis of SVOCs in a wide variety of environmental-type samples including potable waters, tea, plants, and road gravel.