Eric Cull | Authors


Fast Semivolatiles Analysis Harmonized for EPA Methods 625.1 and 8270E Using Supported Liquid Extraction and GC–MS/MS

An improved, harmonized workflow within a commercial environmental laboratory is described for the analysis of semivolatile organic compounds (SVOCs) in environmental samples, according to updated EPA Methods 625.1 and 8270E, using supported liquid extraction (SLE) and fast gas chromatography–tandem mass spectroscopy (GC–MS/MS) analysis in multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) mode. Unlike liquid-liquid extraction (LLE), which has been traditionally used for Methods 625 and 8270, SLE is amenable to batch processing and decreases solvent usage while reducing labor and time. An analytical run time of 10 min for 100 targets analytes is achieved by using GC–MS/MS in MRM mode, which allows for more sensitive detection and faster batch review as a result of the elimination of matrix interferences that might be present when extracting ions in SIM or scan modes. With minimal sample handling and an added benefit of decreased instrument maintenance resulting from lower sample concentration levels, low μg/L limits are reached for up to 40 samples in less than 2 h allowing significant throughput and productivity gains in the laboratory.