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Rapid Rinse and Shoot: A Screening Workflow for Pesticides in Fruit by GC–MS in Under Six Minutes Using Library Searching of Deconvoluted Spectra

Trace-level pesticides and environmental pollutants in the food supply continue to be a worldwide concern. Here we present a fast-screening workflow for residual pesticides present on the surface of fruits using a GC–MS system with direct heating technology and MS spectral deconvolution.

Fast Semivolatiles Analysis Harmonized for EPA Methods 625.1 and 8270E Using Supported Liquid Extraction and GC–MS/MS

A supported liquid extraction (SLE) and fast gas chromatography–tandem mass spectroscopy (GC–MS/MS) method, used in multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) mode, was developed for the analysis of semivolatile organic compounds (SVOCs) in environmental samples, according to the updated EPA Methods 625.1 and 8270E. This method requires minimal sample handling and yields significant throughput and productivity gains in the laboratory.