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Automated FAMEs Analysis Workbench

A flexible, automated workbench for determination of fatty acid content of a range of sample types, automating sample prep and analysis with a simple user interface.

Eclipse Process GC Monomer Analyser 

The Eclipse Neutrino, a premier monomer analyzer process gas chromatograph, couples MSD, PDHID, and FID detectors to characterize an extremely broad range of analytes from fixed gases to C5+. Quickly detecting ppm-ppb levels of impurities and catalyst poisons.

GC×GC with the Agilent Reverse Fill/Flush Differential Flow Modulator

Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC×GC) analysis results in superior resolving power and remarkable peak capacity. The heart of a GC×GC system is the modulator. This interface continuously collects the first column eluate into small fractions and re-injects them individually onto the second dimension.