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The Application Notebook: A More Critical Resource Than Ever

To the members of LCGC's readership, the science behind the headlines is always apparent. Separation science in general, and chromatography in particular, find application in nearly every facet of everyday life, from pharmaceutical analysis to the biomedical field to environmental testing, and this Application Notebook is a tribute to just how thoroughly separation science permeates our daily lives.

Planning a Busy Summer at LCGC

Traditionally, summer is a time when the worlds of lab research and business slow down to a large extent. If you work in academia, chances are many of your students have returned home for the summer and the teaching load has been reduce, while those of you working in private industry and research labs may see coworkers taking long-anticipated (and well-deserved) vacations.

Preparing for Pittcon 2010

There is an old axiom, attributed to various individuals, that holds: "Luck favors the prepared." This can apply to nearly any endeavor or project in life, as generally speaking, the harder you work, the more likely it is that good things will happen.

From the Publisher: Offering Solutions to Today's Problems

It is no secret that these are tumultuous times we live in. With the economic slowdown, increased dangers abroad, and the recent string of scares involving toxins in everyday foods, there is no shortage of things to worry about in today's world. At LCGC, we've always felt that our Application Notebook is a reflection of not just the recent developments in chromatography and the field of separation science in general, but the world as a whole.