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Comparing Supported Liquid Extraction and Liquid–Liquid Extraction: for extracting Acidic, Basic, and Neutral Analytes from Plasma

Advantages of using a supported liquid extraction (SLE) over liquid–liquid extraction (LLE) method for extracting a range of analytes from pig plasma.

Evaluation of Mixed-Mode Ion Exchange SPE for the Extraction of Opioids from Human Urine by UHPLC-MS/MS

This application notes introduces an SPE LC–MS/MS methodology using the Microlute™ CP SCX SPE 96-well microplate for the determination of 12 opioids from human urine.

Evaluation of the Microlute® CP Reversed Phase (RP) Solid Phase Extraction 96 Well-Plate by HPLC–MS

This application note demonstrates the robust SPE LC–MS methodology of the Microlute® CP Reverse Phase SPE 30 mg plates on a range of neutral, acidic, and basic analytes.

Evaluation of Recovery of Basic Analytes with Microlute® CP 30 mg Mixed-Mode Strong Cation Exchange (SCX) SPE by HPLC–MS

The 30 mg Microlute® CP Strong Cation Exchange (SCX) 96 well plate compares performance in recoveries and reproducibility against five competitor loose-filled 30 mg SCX products.

Protein Precipitation Microplate

This short application note demonstrates the effectiveness of the Microlute™ Protein Precipitation Plate for the removal of proteins.