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The Fundamentals of Chromatography

At HPLC 2023, Deirdre Cabooter, a professor at KU Leuven in Belgium, gave a talk titled, “Detailed Investigation of Intra-Particle Diffusion in Liquid Chromatography”. She spoke with LCGC on her current and future research in fundamentals.

Using LC–MS to Determine Phospholipid Concentration in Plant-Based Oils

Christopher Hudalla of ProVerde Laboratories Inc. discussed how using liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC–MS) could be used to quantify specific classes of phospholipid (PPL) constituents that can help streamline cannabis extraction.

Examining Volatile Aromatic Congeners in Irish Whiskey Using GC–MS and GCO

Professor Kieran N. Kilcawley of Teagasc Food Research Centre and of University College Cork and his colleagues are using gas chromatographic (GC) techniques to explore how to analyze the quality and taste of Irish whiskeys through congener profiles.

The 2023 LCGC Salary Survey: How Workers Are Navigating A Tough Economic Landscape

The fallout from the Covid-19 global pandemic remains in progress in 2023. Because of the current ongoing global recession, we anticipated that many workers would be concerned about their current jobs and how to adjust to rising inflation. In this year’s LCGC Salary Survey, we sought to explore these topics.

Live at Pittcon 2023: Our Exclusive Video Interview with Peter Schoenmakers

At Pittcon 2023, LCGC spoke with Peter Schoenmakers of the University of Amsterdam, who is the winner of our 2023 Lifetime Achievement in Chromatography Award. This segment previews one of three Pittcon interviews that were conducted at the conference.