The Column-02-01-2009

The Column

The Column: February 2009

February 01, 2009




Rapid Sample Preparation Technique for the Extraction of Dioxins and Furans from Animal Tissue and Animal Feed Using Pressurized Fluid Extraction Jennifer Peterson and Bruce Richter Multi-residue Pesticide Analysis in Foods Using Modified QuEChERS Extraction and Ion Trap GC–MSn Analysis David Steiniger, Jessie Bulter and Eric Phillips Quantification of Protein Phosphorylation Using Chip-based LC–MS Ning Tang, Christine Miller and Keith Waddell A New Perspective on the Challenges of Mass Spectrometry Gary Impey, Christie Hunter and Andre Schreiber News More on the acetonitrile shortage, olive oil to combat breast cancer, detecting carbohydrates and determining lactose in milk. Incognito Going Bio? With the increasing drive towards biopharmaceutical technology and the use of "larger molecules", Incognito asks if there is still space for the "small molecule" chromatographer. Market Trends and Analysis Market Profile: Laboratory Information Management Systems Glenn Cudiamat Tips and Tricks: GPC/SEC Do's and Don'ts in GPC/SEC Light Scattering Daniela Held Q&A Rapid Dynamic Light Scattering The Column spoke to Sigid Kuebler from Wyatt Technology about the newly launched DynaPro plate reader, which was developed to address the growing need for rapid, automated and reliable dynamic light-scattering (DLS) measurements.