The Column-03-01-2008

The Column

The Column: March 2008

March 01, 2008




HPLC analysis of Lysozyme in different types of wine. Claudio Riponi, Fabio Chinnici and Regina Roemling. A holistic approach to increasing analytical throughput on a modern gas chromatograph Andrew Tipler, PerkinElmer Inc. If it's broke, fix it Paul Heere of NLISIS Chromatography spoke to The Column about the launch of a new tool that aims to take the heartache out of connecting capillary columns. News All the news for March 2008. Zosimus Zosimus questions the scientific benefits of "Fast HPLC" in the real world and asks whether it is all it's cracked up to be? Market trends & analysis Glenn Cudiamat takes a look at the mass spectrometry market and examines the popularity of the related techniques amongst industry users.