The Column-04-01-2009

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The Column: April 2009

April 01, 2009




HPTLC Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Mussels After a Crude Oil Spill in Chile Victor H. Campos, Katherine MuÖoz, Elizabeth Jara, Patricia Gonzalez, Mario Aranda and Mario Vega. Characterizing the Secreted Proteome of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis by LC–MS–MS Matthew M. Champion and Patricia A. DiGiuseppe Champion Meeting Review Pittcon 2009 This year's president, Ed Ladner, reflects on the success of Pittcon 2009 and demonstrates how the struggling global economy didn't take the shine away from its 60th celebration. News Protecting the Florida Everglades, securing nitrogen supplies, developments in ice chromatography and a discovery involving cheese are in the news this month. Incognito Pittcon Pioneers... After returning from Pittcon this year a little deflated by the lack of inspiration on offer, Incognito calls for a return to the inventive spirit and urges all entrepreneurs to demonstrate their creativity. Market Trends and Analysis Market Profile: Automated Peptide/Protein Sequencers Glenn Cudiamet Tips and Tricks: GPC/SEC How to choose a Static Light-Scattering Technique for the Molar Mass Determination Daniela Held and Peter Kilz Q&A It's a Small World The Column spoke to Job Elders of C2V about developments in micro gas chromatography.