The Column-06-01-2007

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The Column: June 2007

June 01, 2007




Time for Scientists to have and image makeover? Zosimus: Is the image portrayed by badly dressed scientists leading to the dwindling number of youngsters joining the world of science? Advantages to High Performance Countercurrent Chromatography David Keay and Ian Janaway Identifying and Characterizing Polymers Using Pyrolysis GC-MS Ute Potyka Q&A: Think Small Michael Balogh, president and co-founder of CoSMoS - the Conference on Small Molecule Science, talks about the rationale behind the annual event. Shaping the Future: Part 2 Ronald Majors News All the news from June 2007. Market Trends & Analysis Glenn Cudiamat reports on the latest global market trends in preparative and process chromatography.