The Column-07-01-2008

The Column

The Column: July 2008

July 01, 2008




Automation of Vitamin D Analysis to Provide Higher Throughput Jacqueline Rippington Mixed-Mode Solid-Phase Extraction of Basic Drugs from Biological Fluid Matthew Cleeve Enhancing GC-MS Analysis of Trace Compounds using a Dynamic Approach to Reducing Background Interference Damien Rosser, Gareth Roberts and Liz Woolfenden LC-MS-MS Analysis of Antibiotics in Wastewater Eleni Botitsi, Charalmapia Frosyni, Emmanuel Dasenakis, Despina Tsipi and Dipankar Ghosh News All the news from July 2008 Market trends & analysis Glenn Cudiamat provides a report on India with a specific look at the growth of the analytical instrumentation market. Incognito: Rapidly Becoming Confused! Incognito assesses the choice between superficially porous silica and sub 2 micron stationary HPLC phases. Q&A: SFC - The Innovative Approach The Column spoke to Jeffrey Kiplinger from Averica Drug Discovery about the benefits of using SFC as a purification tool in drug discovery.