The Column-07-01-2009

The Column

The Column: July 2009 Issue 1

July 01, 2009




Non-aqueous Capillary Electrophoresis–Mass Spectrometry: An Ideal or Discrepant 'Marriage'? Constantinos K. Zacharis Solutions to the Acetonitrile Crisis - Five Company Perspectives As a follow-up to Incognito's article in the January issue of The Column, Janet Kelsey approached five companies and asked them to sum up their solutions to the acetonitrile shortage. Responces were recieved from Agilent, Merck, Pfizer, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Waters News The role olfaction plays in songbirds, tainted food and drink samples, a data interface and a forensic investigation are featured in this issue Incognito Everything's Gone Supercritical... Incognito discusses the resurgence of supercritical fluid chromatography as the 'technique of choice' Q&A Matthew Klee from Agilent Technologies spoke to Alasdair Matheson about the role of flow modulation in comprehensive multidimensional gas chromatography Events