The Column-08-01-2006

The Column

The Column: August 2006

August 01, 2006




News All the news from August 2006 Opinion With the current boom in Internet shopping, Zosimus questions why he can't order a new chromatograph from the web. Market Trends & Analysis Glenn Cudiamat looks at how the new range of fast LC systems is re-energizing the HPLC market. Sample preparation techniques for ion exchange chromatography Peter Jones, Metrohm Uk Ltd. Characterizing aerosols using comprehensive two-dimensional chromatography Tuulia Hyotylainen Non-classical methods in comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography Philip J. Marriott and Paul D. Morrison Supplies and Services Q&A Professor Ernst Kenndler from the Institute of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Vienna explains how he uses capillary electrophoresis to help restore museum artefacts.