The Column-08-20-2009

The Column

The Column: August 2009 Issue 2

August 20, 2009




Improving Chromatographic Performance by Using Freshly Delivered Ultrapure Water in the Mobile Phase Maricar Tarun, Coralie Monferran, Cecilia Deveaux and Stephane Mabic A More Efficient Extraction of Melamine from Various Matrices using Resin-based Mixed-mode Cation Exchange SPE and Analysis with LC-MS-MS Lee Williams, Joanna Caulfield and Elena Gairloch News Awards for waste reduction and capillary chromatography, carotenoids for eye care and the buyout of Varian by Agilent are the stories in this issue. Market Trends and Analysis Market Profile: GC-MS Glenn Cudiamat Tips & Tricks: GPC/SEC Temperature Effects in GPC/SEC Thorsten Hofe and Daniela Held Events