The Column-10-01-2008

The Column

The Column: October 2008

October 01, 2008




Rapid Fatty Acid Fingerprinting in Microalgae by Gas Chromatography: Analytical Opportunities Lieve M. L. Laurens Tips and Tricks: GPC/SEC Understanding Positive and Negative Detector Signals Daniela Held and Peter Kilz Biodiesel Patterns Reflect Quality: Analysis According to DIN EN 14103 Margit Geissler Bringing Together GC and LC on an MS–TOF System Ralf Dunsbach and Ralf Ketterlinus News All the news for October 2008 Incognito Total Solutions - Really? This month Incognito asks how "total" are the solutions being offered by the "Total Solutions" providers! Market Trends and Analysis Market Profile: The Analytical and Life Science Instruments Industry Glenn Cudiamat Q&A Craig Dobbs from pharmaceutical business operations at Waters, reveals what the company can offer scientists involved in implementing PAT and why the company has launched a chromatography system dedicated to this market that offers real-time monitoring