The Column-10-08-2009

The Column

The Column: 8 October 2009

October 08, 2009




Sugar and Sterol Analysis in Human Body Fluids Fokje S.M. Zijlstra, Leo A.J. Kluijtman and Mark H.P.M. van Lieshout "This is What I've Been Looking For" - The Quest For The Ideal Column Connector In this case study, Frank van Geel spoke to Theo Jelink from AkzoNobel about his findings after the Melfit One connecting device from NLISIS News More fuel for thought, ageing bananas, a society name change and an asset purchase agreement are featured this week. Incognito Are You Optimizing Your Solid-Phase Extraction: Part 2 Incognito dedicates Part 2 of his series on solid-phase extraction to answering the questions posed in Part 1 regarding the SPE of propranolol from plasma exract Events