The Column-12-01-2007

The Column

The Column: December 2007

December 01, 2007




Q&A: High Maintenance Andrew Attwood, European service business leader of PerkinElmer's Laboratory Services division, talks about the help on offer with OneSource. Rapid Column Characterization using Complex Samples and Automated LC-MS Data Analysis Craig Aurand, David S. Bell, Michael McBrien and Margaret Antler Trace Analysis of Perchlorate: Analytical Method and Removal Efficiency of Purification Technologies Elodie Castillo, Estelle Riche, Ichiro Kano and Stephane Mabic Tips & Tricks: GPC/SEC Thorsten Hofe and Gunter Reinhold News All the news from December 2007 Zosimus This month Zosimus wonders if streamlining workloads would help innovation in separation science.