The Column-12-17-2009

The Column

The Column: 17 Decemeber 2009

December 17, 2009




Analysing Pesticide Residues in Apple J. Stevens, L Zhao and P.L. Wylie Efficient Automated Pyrolysis GC Patric Eckerle, Matthias Pursch, Dirk Bremer and Kaj Petersen Chiral Analysis of Flavours and Fragrances: Design of a FID/MS Splitting for MS Detection in The First and Second Dimension of a Multidimensional GC-MS System S. Böhme, H.-U. Baier and M. Gei&3946;ler News Analysing paper degradation, pesticide identification in rice, characterizing antioxidant compounds in food and a company collaboration are featured this week. Incognito Too Many C18s... Events and Staff Application Notes