LCGC Europe-02-01-2006

LCGC Europe

1200 series LC system launched

February 01, 2006




Agilent Technologies has introduced the 1200 Series liquid chromatography system as a successor to its 1100 Series LC. Liquid chromatography represents a $2 billion market and is one of the largest sources of revenue for Agilent's life science and chemical analysis business. Since introducing the 1100 Series instrument in 1995, Agilent has sold more than 400000 modules or 60000 LC systems. To ease the transition to the 1200 Series, the company has made the system reverse-compatible with the 1100 so that customers can combine new and existing modules and continue using existing methods without costly new method development, revalidation or retraining of operators. With more than 60 instrument modules, the system can be configured for all major LC applications, including a rapid-resolution format, preparative scale, standard, narrow, capillary, nanoflow and the company's chip-based liquid chromatography.