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John Dolan has been writing "LC Troubleshooting" for LCGC for over 25 years. One of the industry's most respected professionals, John is currently a principal instructor for LC Resources, Walnut Creek, California He is also a member of LCGC's editorial advisory board.


Lloyd R. Snyder (1931-2018): A Personal Tribute

Lloyd Snyder was one of perhaps ten “founding fathers” of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), with seminal publications in most areas, including adsorption (normal phase), reversed phase, isocratic, gradient, and preparative chromatography; plus solvent, temperature, and column selectivity. With nine books, several hundred publications, and an h-index of 83, he was one of the most widely cited chromatographers and received many of the most prestigious awards in separation science.

Troubleshooting LC Column Problems—Will It Ever End?

In advance of PittconIn advance of Pittcon 2018, leading scientists-Ronald Majors, Richard Henry, John W. Dolan, Zachary S. Breitbach, and Daniel W. Armstrong-who will be speaking at the LCGC awards symposium give us a preview of their talks.