LCGC Europe-03-01-2020

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Vol 33 No 3 LCGC Europe March 2020 Regular Issue PDF

March 09, 2020

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Go With the Flow: Thinking About Carrier Gas Flow in Gas Chromatography

March 01, 2020

GC Connections



Mobile phase flow is critically important, and must be carefully controlled. In this instalment of “GC Connections”, we discuss carrier gas flow and its importance in successful gas chromatographic (GC) analysis. We will begin with a short review of fundamental theories showing why flow is important, and move into a discussion of how flow rate is measured and controlled on modern instruments. Finally, we will discuss the effect of flow-related parameters, including carrier gas choice, the difference between constant pressure and constant flow modes, and some new thinking about flow rate optimization. We conclude with some takeaways that should assist gas chromatographers with effective carrier gas management.