LCGC North America-07-01-2011

BioTools Inc., of Jupiter Florida, and Chiral Technologies Inc., of West Chester, Pennsylvania, have entered into a cooperative agreement that will provide comprehensive coverage of chirality-related services and technologies ranging from small scale and preparative chromatography to absolute configuration of chiral compounds.

High-definition screening by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC–MS) is shown to be a viable option for the reliable identification of odorous compounds in pork.

A critical look into the future of imaging mass spectrometry is made by addressing some of the fundamental and technical challenges that still need to be overcome.

Ion mobility–mass spectrometry (IM-MS) is outlined as a separations method, several examples of the utility of IM-MS for complex biological measurements are illustrated, and the implications of this approach for systems biology research are discussed.

A method is illustrated for the simultaneous analysis of ethyl glucuronide and ethyl sulfate in human urine samples.

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An overview on the present state of analytical lipidomics is presented from the perspective of mass spectrometry (MS) and the MS strategies most frequently used in lipidomics are highlighted.

This study illustrates the versatility of a laser-induced acoustic desorption (LIAD) approach for volatilization of analytes in modern mass spectrometry.

The combination of GC with time-of-flight (TOF)-MS proves to be a successful approach for the challenging analysis of persistent organic pollutants in complex matrices such as sediment and fish samples.

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LC Troubleshooting

July 01, 2011

Rules of thumb for isolating problems, determining problem sources, and developing a maintenance routine.

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Discussion about the use of gas switching valves for column backflush and two-dimensional series-bypass applications

An automated technique for esterifying fatty acids in canola oil compares favorably with a manual method.

Electrostatic effects superimposed on hydrophilic interactions enables selection or deselection of functional groups for compound isolation.

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Developments in pulsed electrochemical detection are traced through the progression of its waveforms.

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Method translation software enables conversion and improvement of GC methods.

LC–MS-MS is used to detect compounds relevant for food safety.

A new sample preparation method is described for whole blood sample analysis in clinical and preclinical studies.

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July 01, 2011

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