Pickering Laboratories - Amino Acid Analysis by European Pharmacopeia to Support Coronavirus Research

Pickering Laboratories - Amino Acid Analysis by European Pharmacopeia to Support Coronavirus Research

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The Application Notebook, The Application Notebook-06-01-2020, Volume 38, Issue 6

Pharmaceutical companies worldwide are currently searching for vaccines, therapeutic agents, and prophylactics to combat COVID-19. The focus on biologic drugs during the current pandemic highlights the crucial role amino acids analysis plays in research and production of pharmaceuticals.

The European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) defines requirements for the qualitative and quantitative composition of medicines, as well as the tests to be carried out on medicines and on substances and materials used in their production.

Pickering Laboratories, Inc. offers a complete solution for amino acids analysis according to Ph. Eur.. This includes the Onyx PCX post-column derivatization instrument, analytical columns and GARDs, buffers, and Trione® ninhydrin reagent. The methods presented in this application note were optimized to comply with system suitability requirements of Ph. Eur. 9.0 methods.


  • Quaternary HPLC pump, autosampler, UV-vis detector
  • Onyx PCX post-column derivatization system

Analytical columns and eluants

For Sodium-based methods: High-efficiency sodium cation-exchange column, 4.6 x 110 mm, catalog number 1154110T. Eluants: Na315, Na425, Na640, RG011

For Lithium-based methods: High-efficiency lithium cation-exchange column, 4.6 x 75 mm, catalog number 0354675T. Eluants: 1700–1125, Li365, Li375, RG003

Post-column reagent

Trione® ninhydrin reagent

To make it easier to start using Pickering Laboratories methods, we offer chemistry kits that include an analytical column, GARD buffers, and reagents for amino acids analysis. All parts of the kit could be ordered individually if needed. Please contact Pickering Laboratories if you have any questions regarding this application.

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