ASMS Recognizes 2022 Winners of Research Awards, the PUI Award, and the Postdoctoral Career Development Awards

Franklin Leach III of the University of Georgia, Gloria Sheynkman of the University of Virginia, and Thanh D. Do of the University of Tennessee–Knoxville, are the three awardees of the 2022 ASMS Research Awards. They will be recognized at at the ASMS Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on June 7 at 4:45 pm CST.

The ASMS Research Awards promote the research of academic scientists within the first four years of joining the tenure track or research faculty of a North American University at the time the award is conferred. The awards are presented annually and are fully supported by Bruker, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Waters Corporation. Leach III’s award was sponsored by Bruker, Sheynkman’s award was sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Do’s award was sponsored by Waters Corporation.

ASMS also recognizes Mac Gilliland of Furman University for being named the recipient of the 2022 Research at Primarily Undergraduate Institution (PUI) Award. Gilliland will be recognized at ASMS on June 7 at 4:45 pm CST.

The Research at PUI award promotes academic research in mass spectrometry by faculty members and their students at primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs). The award is presented annually and is fully supported by Agilent Technologies.

Finally, ASMS also recognizes Yangjie Li of Stanford University, Xin Ma of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Melissa Pergande of the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Stephanie Rankin-Turner of Johns Hopkins University, and Hua Zhang of the University of Wisconsin–Madison as the recipients of the 2022 Postdoctoral Career Development Awards. Li, Ma, Pergande, Rankin-Turner, and Zhang will be recognized at ASMS on June 8 at 4:45 pm CST.

The ASMS Postdoctoral Career Development Awards honors up to five postdoctoral researchers in the amount of $5,000 each, and the awards are presented annually. The purpose of these awards is to promote the professional career development of postdoctoral fellows in the field of mass spectrometry. Activities envisioned for this award include, but are not limited to, conference and workshop attendance, travel to other mass spectrometry laboratories, and purchase of personal professional items such as books, software, or laptops.