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Miniaturized Nano-HPLC–ESI-IMS System for Water Analysis

Miniaturized LC systems offer the analyst the scope to use less organic solvent and consume less energy. As the demand for green chemistry techniques and methods continues to grow there is demand for smaller and more portable liquid chromatography (LC) analytical instruments.

Szabolcs Fekete Wins 2022 HTC Innovation Award

LCGC is proud to announce that Szabolcs Fekete is the winner of the 2022 HTC Innovation Award. Fekete was honoured at the Hyphenated Techniques and Separations Technology (HTC-17) conference in Ghent, Belgium on Friday 20 May 2022 for his outstanding contributions to the field of separation science.

Practical 2D-LC in Drug Metabolism Studies and Bioanalysis

Filip Cuyckens from Janssen R&D in Belgium spoke to LCGC Europe about recent innovative approaches he and his team developed to support drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic studies, and the inventive role that two-dimensional liquid chromatography (2D-LC) plays in his laboratory to boost sensitivity, solve recovery issues, and increase overall efficiency.