Automation and Intelligent Technology Save Time and Increase Efficency

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  • [Tech Report] Maximizing Analytical Efficiency with Real-time Measurement of Mobile Phase Consumption

  • [Video] Fast, Reliable Detection of Extractables & Leachables in Food

  • [eBook] Improving R&D Efficiency in Compound Synthesis, Confirmation, and Purification

  • [App Note] Determination of Ethanol and Isopropanol Content in Hand Sanitizers Using Nitrogen Carrier Gas

  • [Tech Report] Auto-diagnostics and Auto-recovery Functions for Enhanced Lab Productivity

  • [App Note] Simultaneous GC-MS and FID Analysis of Blood Alcohol Content utilizing a Robotic Autosampler for Automated Sample Preparation

  • [Tech Report] Evaluating the Performance of a Patented Gas-Liquid Separator for Preparative Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

  • [Tech Report] Fully Automated Workflow for HPLC Analysis Using Automatic Startup

  • [App Note] Modifying AOAC Method 996.06 for FAME Analysis in Foods: Faster Throughput Using Hydrogen Carrier Gas

  • [App Note] Performance Demonstration of a New GC-MS Instrument and Novel BFB Tune for Analysis of Volatile Compounds by EPA Method 524.2

  • [Infographic] Improved Chiral SFC Screening for Drug Synthesis

  • [TechReport] Nexera™ QX: Improving the Efficiency of Routine LC-MS/MS Assay with Multiplex UHPLC Platform