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Merck Millipore inorganic sorbents tailored to fit needs. Merck Millipore reversed phase sorbents and silica gels - achieve superior purity in your downstream process

Merck Millipore inorganic sorbents tailored to fit needs

At Merck Millipore, we provide a wide range of inorganic sorbents, including both spherical and irregularly shaped sorbents, for the purification of APIs and intermediates designed to meet the special requirements of your process:

Which inorganic sorbent is right for your process?


  • PharmPrep® P sorbent — high-performance spherical silica for reversed phase chromatography, ideal for polishing peptides and small proteins like insulin, and biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical APIs like antibiotics and hormones

  • LiChroprep® sorbent — versatile silica gel for advanced normal-phase and reversed phase chromatography

  • Silica Gel 60 — a reliable silica gel for adsorption processes and normal-phase chromatography

Pair these high-performance sorbents with Merck Millipore’s solvents for preparative chromatography — the perfect combination for optimal chromatography results.

Why choose reversed phase sorbents and silica gels from Merck Millipore?

Rigorously controlled production from start to finish Excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility for consistent product quality Outstanding regulatory support Unrivalled expertise providing quality solutions and support for your chromatography demands

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