The Chromatography Forum of Delaware Valley Dal Nogare Award

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LCGC North America

Mary Ellen McNally, of FMC Agricultural Solutions, will be presiding over this morning session with an introduction starting at 8:30 am.

Mary Ellen McNally of FMC Agricultural Solutions will be presiding over this morning session with an introduction starting at 8:30 am, in room 125.

The presentation of the Dal Nogare Award will take place at 8:35, when Peter Schoenmakers of the University of Amsterdam will receive the award from McNally. The Dal Nogare award is given by the Chromatography Forum of the Delaware Valley. Schoenmakers will be the 47th awardee to receive this prestigious award, which has been presented annually since 1972.

Following the award presentation, Schoenmakers will give a talk on comprehensive multi-dimensional liquid chromatography (LC). He will discuss how, when performed correctly, comprehensive two-dimensional LC (LC×LC) offers much greater separation power (peak capacities up to about 10,000 at about 1 peak per s) than does conventional one-dimensional LC (peak capacities up to about 1000 at little more than 1 peak per m). 

The next presentation will be from Dierdre Cabooter of KU Leuven, whose talk is titled “Improved Methodologies for the Detailed Investigation of Individual Mass Transfer Phenomena in Liquid Chromatography.” Cabooter will explain why, in the ever-continuing search for LC columns with improved efficiencies, an in-depth understanding of the individual contributions to mass transfer is of the utmost importance. 


Next, Dwight Stoll of Gustavus Adolphus College will present a talk titled “The Second Dimension is a Strange Place-Recent Insights into the Performance of Second Dimension in 2D-LC.”  Stoll will discuss the results of three aspects of second dimension separations that he and his team have been looking into recently.

After a brief recess, Bob W. J. Pirok of the University of Amsterdam will discuss “Rapid and Effective Implementation of Comprehensive 2D-LC for ‘Impossible’ Separations.” In this presentation, several strategies to overcome compatibility problems in 2D-LC will be addressed.

The final talk will be given by Kelly Zhang of Genentech, who will present “Recent Advances in Multidimensional Liquid Chromatography for Pharmaceutical Analysis.” Zhang will discuss strategies of implementing multidimensional LC to address challenges in pharmaceutical analyses, from separating compounds with multiple chiral centers to enhanced sensitivity for trace-level impurity identification.