Corporate Retrospective 2007: Waters

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Special Issues

LCGC Supplements, Special Issues-05-01-2007, Volume 0, Issue 0

The last 25 years have seen profound progress in many areas of scientific discovery.

The last 25 years have seen profound progress in many areas of scientific discovery. We witnessed the birth of the biotechnology industry and the commercialization of its first products. Scientists sequenced the human genome. DNA analysis is now a routine investigatory technique. Mass spectrometry emerged as an important everyday tool in the analytical laboratory.

In that time, we at Waters see many parallels between the success of LCGC North America and our own. Like Waters, LCGC has kept a watchful eye on its customers, has learned from the lessons of the past, and has never strayed from its focus on the highest-quality products to help scientists succeed.

After nearly 50 years, Waters delivers breakthrough technologies that solve problems. And we continue to rely on the qualities — woven into the fabric of our company — that ensure our success and that of our customers.

  • a keen understanding of our customers and their needs

  • a focus on delivering meaningful, powerful innovative solutions

  • the proven ability to make a significant, positive impact on our customers' business performance

Similarly, LCGC over the past 25 years has highlighted the needs of the industry, the impact of new products and applications, and the contribution laboratories make to our world.

Waters is proud to be associated with LCGC's success and congratulates it on its 25th birthday. We look forward to working together for another 25 years.

Art Caputo

Art Caputo

President, Waters Division

Waters Corporation

Milford, Massachusetts