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DECADE II the best Electrochemical Detector ever built that fits any (U)HPLC. With more than 130 publications since 2011, highest sensitivity, versatility and ease of use are well demonstrated.

Unprecedented sensitivity – LOD better than 0.5 fmol on column
Versatile – fits any (U)HPLC
Proven track records – more than 130 publications since 2011

The DECADE II detector offers flexibility and stable working conditions for all applications using Electrochemical Detection (ECD). It can be used with any (U)HPLC system such as Waters, Thermo, Agilent, Shimadzu, Jasco, etc., to perform LC/ECD within a few hours after installation. It has a highly stable Faraday-shielded oven compartment accommodating the column and the electrochemical flow cell, to guarantee the highest stability. To achieve unprecedented sensitivity in LC/ECD the detector is equipped with a unique ADF filter to assure lowest noise level.

The DECADE II can control up to 2 flow cells. They can be used in a parallel or serial configuration. The flow cells are known for their robustness, ease in maintenance and come with a 5 years warranty. The DECADE II covers a broad range of applications in the DC, pulse and scan mode. The DC mode is used for many high sensitivity applications such as neurotransmitters, vitamins, phenols, etc. The pulse mode is important for PAD (Pulsed Amperometric Detection) used in the detection of carbohydrates. The scan mode is used to obtain a voltammogram in method optimization.

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