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LCGC Supplements, Special Issues-12-01-2016, Volume 34, Issue 12

Company Description

ELGA LabWater, a division of Veolia Water Technologies, has been a trusted name in water purification for over 75 years, pioneering innovative technologies and award-winning product design. Our systems provide water quality ideal for clinical, research, laboratory, and other high purity requirements. ELGA's range of pure and ultrapure water purification systems offer either a few liters or up to thousands of liters of water per day. ELGA also offers customized systems with varying flow rates that are fully skidded, preplumbed, and wired, ready for installation. ELGA is the trusted manufacturer of PURELAB(r), MEDICA(r),and CENTRA(r).

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Markets Served

ELGA LabWater purification systems are utilized in several markets, including scientific, clinical, analytical, laboratory, research, medical, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, industrial, and food and beverage.

Major Products/Services

ELGA offers three main product lines of water purification systems. The PURELAB(r) range features several units ideal for a variety of critical science and analytical applications. Built-in economical processes result in the lowest consumable costs with the highest water quality. The MEDICA(r) range provides a constant and reliable supply of compliant water with built-in wrap-around reservoirs to occupy a minimal amount of space in the laboratory. All units in this product line have a bypass loop, which provides compliant water in emergency situations. The CENTRA(r) range offers centralized distribution of high purity water, adapting to your applications as they change.


ELGA has offices all over the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America; however, the main office in North America is located in Woodridge, IL about 30 miles southwest of Chicago.

ELGA LabWater, the Laboratory Water Brand of Veolia

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