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Where Is Separation Science Heading?

In honor of LCGC’s 40th year, we asked leading chromatographers to share their perspectives on current challenges and their visions for the future, looking at fundamentals of the techniques as well as the impact of analytical developments in important areas like medical research, pharmaceutical development, and environmental studies. Here’s what they said.

Technology Forum: Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectroscopy (GC-MS)

This month, Chromatography Online's Technology Forum focuses on the topic of Gas Chromatography (GC). Joining us for this discussion is Sky Countryman, GC Product Manager at Phenomenex; Gary Harland, Tandem Quadrupole MS Product Manager at Waters; a Team of Experts from Thermo Fisher Scientific; and Tom Gluodenis and Terry L. Sheehan from Agilent Technologies Life Sciences & Chemical Analysis Group.

New Chromatographic Techniques for Pesticides and Antibiotics Analysis

Science Daily, a website that features news revolving around the sciences, has published an article that describes new chromatographic techniques for the analysis of pesticides and antibiotics in food and beverage samples.

Nanostream Enters European Market with Opening of Sales and Support Office in The Netherlands

Nanostream, provider of products and services that increase productivity in laboratories at pharmaceutical and biotech companies, extends its global reach to Europe by establishing a sales and support office in The Netherlands.