Food Science: Impurity Analysis and Content Determination


E-Separation Solutions

This Wednesday morning session will be presided over by Joe Romano of Waters Corporation.

Session 1590, Room S503a, 8:30 a.m.

This Wednesday morning session will be presided over by Joe Romano of Waters Corporation.

The first presentation in this oral session will be given by Patricia L. Atkins of SPEX CertiPrep and is titled “Pesticide Residues Analysis of Beer, Wine and their Agricultural Constituents (Hops, Grapes, Grains) Using QuEChERS Extraction and High-Throughput Sample Preparation.” Atkins will discuss a study in which the goal was to determine if there were correlations between pesticide residues in the constituent agriculture products (grains, malt, hops, and grapes) and finished products (wine and beer) in the wine and beer-making process.

Joe Romano of Waters Corporation will present the next talk titled “A Novel Approach to the Reduction of False Positive and Negative Identifications in Screening of Pesticide Residues in Food Analysis.” The application of ion mobility to remove false positive identifications and importantly false negative identifications will be presented.

Next, Elizabeth Humston-Fulmer of Leco Corporation will present a talk titled “Characterization of Adulterated Olive Oils in Cases of Food Fraud by Comprehensive Two-dimensional Gas Chromatography with Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (GCxGC-TOFMS).” Humston-Fulmer will discuss a method that has been developed to characterize edible oils and edible oil mixtures towards the goal of detecting food fraud using head space solid phase micro-extraction (HS-SPME) to sample aroma and flavor profiles of extra virgin olive, olive, peanut, grapeseed, and vegetable oils.

After a brief recess, Rui Chen of Waters Corporation will present a talk titled “Impurity Isolation from Synthetic Dyes Using Mass-Directed Preparative Liquid Chromatography.” Chen will present a case study using mass-directed preparative LC to simultaneously isolate multiple impurities from a commercially available synthetic dye.

A talk titled “Quantification and Stability Studies of Allicin in Fresh Garlic Extracts” will be presented next by Yan Liu of California State Polytechnic University Pomona. Here, a simple and rapid high performance liquid chromatography-ultraviolet (HPLC-UV) method that was developed to quantify the amount of allicin in the garlic extract and address the thermal and chemical stability of allicin in the garlic aqueous extract will be presented as well as the results of quantification and the stabilities data of allicin under different environments.

Next, Mesay Wolle of Duquesne University will discuss a study was conducted to determine arsenic species in commercially available prenatal and children’s dietary supplements in a talk titled “Speciation Analysis of Arsenic in Prenatal and Children’s Dietary Supplements.”

Finally, Wang Ruyi of Bonna-Agela Technologies Inc., will present a talk titled “The Determination of Benzo(a)pyrene in Vegetable Oil By Solid Phase Extraction.” Ruyi will discuss research that focused on a typical sample, such as vegetable oil, and successfully extracted Benzo(a)pyrene in vegetable oil using a solid-phase extraction method.

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