HPLC 2015 Monday Morning Sessions

HPLC 2015 Monday Morning Sessions


Plenary Lecture: 08.30 - Jack Henion: Past, Present, and Future of LC–MS

Room 1, Level 1

Session 01: Column Design, Stationary Phase

Room 1, Level 1

09:20 -Mary J. Wirth (ChromSoc Award – Jubilee Medal): Submicrometer Particles in Protein Chromatography

09:50 -Sander Deridder: Transverse Dispersion in Porous Media

10:10 - Tivadar Farkas: Has Core–Shell Particle Technology Reached Maturity?

Session 02: Mass Spectrometry

Room 2, Level 0

09:20 - Renato Zenobi: Design and Applications of a Robust and Compact Active Capillary Plasma Ionization Source for Detection by Mass Spectrometry

09:50 - Markus Himmelsbach: Mass Spectrometry of Sample Spots Directly from TLC Plate Tips. A Powerful Tool for Rapid and Easy Identification and Quantification

10:10 -Sangwon Cha: Extractive Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry for Direct Raw Material Analysis

Session 03: Sample Preparation

Room 3 + 4, Level 0

09:20 - Janusz Pawliszyn: Application of SPME in High Throughput and In-Vivo Drug Quantification

09:50 -Paul Haddad: Purely Aqueous Electrophoretic Preconcentration of Charged Analytes Using Glass Micropipettes and Hydrogel

10:10 - Astrid Gjelstad: Parallel Artificial Liquid Membrane Extraction – A New Way to Perform Selective Sample Preparation from Biological Matrices

Tutorial 01

Room 5 + 6, Level 3

09:50 - Stephan Lamotte: Testing HPLC and UHPLC Instruments – How to Identify the Right Instrument for Your Application

Session 04: Column Design, Stationary Phase

Room 1, Level 1

11:20 - Massimo Morbidelli: Continuous Chromatography for Proteins Purification

11:50 -James Heaton: Some Factors that can lead to Poor Peak Shape in Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography, and Possibilities for their Remediation

12:10 - Mike De Vrieze: Assessment of a Novel Phosphocholine Based Micellar LC Approach and of Immobilized Artificial Membrane Phases for Improved Prediction of In Vivo Drug Behaviour

Session 05: LC–MS Ion Mobility

Room 2, Level 0

11:20 -Colin Creaser: Combining Field Asymmetric Waveform Ion Mobility Spectrometry with Liquid Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Small Molecules and Metabolites

11:50 -Bandar Alghanem: Sensitivity and Selectivity Evaluation of Peptides Quantification Using Ion Mobility Spectrometry and Cubed Selected Reaction Monitoring

12:10 - Martin Zühlke: ESI Ion Mobility Spectrometry as Detection Method in HPLC

Session 06: Sample Preparation

Room 3 + 4, Level 0

11:20 -Valérie Pichon: Real Potential of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for the Selective Extraction of Target Compounds from Complex Samples

11:50 - Stig Pedersen-Bjergaard: Microextraction Across Artificial Liquid Membranes in 96-Well Format – A New Approach to Sample Preparation for Liquid Chromatography

12:10 - Gongke Li: Magnetic Derived Perhydroxy-cucurbit[8]uril Nanoparticles Solid-Phase Extraction for Ultrasensitive Determination of Cytokinins in Plant Samples by UHPLC–MS–MS