HPLC Troubleshooting Guide to Cycling Baselines and Pressure Fluctuations


HPLC troubleshooting guide to cycling baselines and pressure fluctuations from LCGC's ChromAcademy.



The Problem

A short term cycling baseline is seen along with pressure fluctuations (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Shor-term cycling baseline.


The CHROMacademy HPLC Troubleshooter

Both chromatographic (up to three) and instrument symptoms (up to two) can be selected at one time. The chromatographic symptom which is being seen is a short term cycling baseline along with pressure fluctuations, which is instrument related (Figure 2). Each option has a helpful rollover which illustrates the problem; this can be useful if you are not entirely sure what problem you are seeing.



Figure 2: Input of chromatographic (top) and instrument (bottom) symptoms into the CHROMacademy HPLC Troubleshooter.

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