HPLC2013 Monday Morning Sessions

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HYPERformance LC – Auditorium

Sessions chaired by Ullrich Tallarek and Paul Ferguson

9:00 – Fabrice Gritti:The Van Deemter Equation: What Does It Mean 50 years Later?  (Keynote)
9:30 – Frantisek Svec: Monolithic Columns in the Thin-layer Format for TLC–MS (Keynote)
10:00 – Guenther Bonn:Chromatographic Enrichment and Separation of Biological Molecules (Oral)
10:20 – Kazuki Nakanishi:Mashmallow Gels: Monolithic Macroporous PDMS Analogue for Versatile Separations (Oral)
10:40 – Charles A. Lucy:  HYPERperformance Carbon Phases for Ion Chromatography and HILIC (Oral)

Sessions chaired by Stephen Jacobson

11:30 – Martin Gilar:Sample Trapping in Microfluidic LC: Theoretical and Practical Considerations (Oral)
11:50 – Wim De Malsche:Sub-m plate Heights in HPLC by Radial Extension of the Support Structures (Oral)
12:10 – Claudia Ernst:Two-Photon Excited Fluorescence Detection in Chip Electrochromatography (Oral)


Sessions chaired by Gerard Hopfgartner and Martin Giers

9:00 – Gyorgy Marko-Varga: Improving Patient Outcome by Strategic Build within the Healthcare Sector(Keynote)
9:30 – Pat Sandra: State-of-the-Art Liquid Chromatography for (Bio)pharmaceutical Analysis (Keynote)
10:00 – Debby Mangelings: Three LC Modes and Polysaccharide-based Chiral Phases in a Generic Separation Strategy (Oral)
10:20 – Dorina Kotoni:Enantioselective UHPLC and SFC: A New Sub-2-μm (Oral)
10:40 – Jingwu Kang:Identification of Drug Target Spectra by Monolith Affinity Chromatography (Oral)
11:30 – CJ Venkatramani:Applications of LCXLC in Pharmaceutical Analysis (Oral)
11:50 – Lucie Nováková:Ultra-fast SFC in Pharmaceutical Analysis (Oral)
12:10 – Discussion on Needs for Pharmaceutical Analysis (Discussion)

HPLC–MS – G102–103


Sessions chaired by Wilfried Niessen and Koen Sandra

9:00 – Yukui Zhang:Novel Isotope Dimethyl Labeling-based Methods for Quantitative Proteomics (Oral)
9:20 – Iulia M. Lazar:LC–MS: A Delivery Platform for
Drug Targets and Biomarkers (Oral)
9:40 – Pol Herrero: Overcoming the Matrix Effect for Polyether Ionophores in Sewage Sludge by LC–MS/MS (Oral)
10:00 – Risto Kostiainen: Ionization Methods in LC–MS (Keynote)
10:30 – Sarah Trimpin:New Ionization Methods for Use in MS (Keynote)

Sessions chaired by Yolanda Pico

11:30 – Uwe Karst: Reactions of Gadolinium Chelates in Biological Matrices and the Environment Unraveled by Hyphenated Analytical Techniques (Keynote)
12:00 – Achille Cappiello: Feasibility of Direct-EI LC–MS as a Tool for Food Safety Applications (Keynote)

HPLC2013 TUTORIALS– G104–105

9:30 – Ron Majors: The Role of the Column in Modern HPLC/UHPLC. Introduced by Katya Davydova.
10:30 – J. Michael Ramsey: Microfluidic Chemical Separations Devices. Introduced by Sebastian Thurmann.
11:50 – Monika Dittmann: UHPLC. Introduced by Sandra Pous Torres.