HPLC2013 Tuesday Afternoon Sessions

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One of the highlights of the HPLC2013 afternoon sessions on Tuesday 18 June 2013 is the keynote presentation given by Mark Schure on Challenging the Present State-of-the-Art of Polymer Separations. Ed Bouvier will discuss Advances in Size Characterization of Synthetic Polymers and Wilfred Niessen will describe the Role of MS in Post-column On-line/At-line Bioactivity Screening. There will also be a discussion on the future of polymer analysis.

HYPERformance LC – Auditorium

Sessions chaired by Pat Sandra and Dwight Stoll

14:00 – Monika Dittmann: Performance Limits of High Efficiency Small-bore UHPLC Columns in Isocratic and Gradient Separations (Keynote)
14:30 – Stephen Jacobson: Nanopore Devices for Virus ParticleCharacterization (Keynote)
15:00 – Shaorong Liu: High-Pressure Miniaturized Electro-Osmotic Pump for Capillary HPLC (Oral)
15:40 – Maria Celia García-Álvarez-Coque:Half-Width Plots: A Simple Tool toReveal Column Kinetics (Oral)
15:20 – James Grinias: Characterizing extra-column effects in ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography (Oral)

Sessions chaired by Jan Christensen

17:00 – Gabriel Vivó: Bayesian Statistics for Analysing Chromatographic Data: A New Generation of Data-Treatment Methods? (Keynote)
17:30 – Yvan Vander Heyden:Herbal Fingerprints: Extraction of Information, Focusing on Similarity Analyses (Keynote)


Sessions chaired by Gert Desmet and Ron Peters

14:00 – Mark Schure: Challenging the Present State of the Art ofPolymer Separations (Keynote)
14:30 – Wolfgang Radke: SEC-Gradients: A New Approach to theSeparation of Polymers by Chemical Composition (Keynote)
15:00 – Elena Uliyanchenko: Efficiency in (Ultrahigh-Pressure) SEC (Oral)
15:20 – Ed Bouvier: Advances in Size Characterization ofSynthetic Polymers (Oral)
15:40 – Rob Edam: Enabling Polymer Characterization Via UniqueSeparation Selectivities and Mechanisms (Oral)
17:00 – Xulin Jiang: Separation and characterization of targetingbiomedical polymers by HPLC (Oral)
17:20 – J. Ilja SiepmannUnderstanding Retention of Block Co-Polymers in SEC and LCCC (Oral)
17:40 – Discussion on needs for polymer analysis



HPLC–MS – G102–103

Sessions chaired by Xu Guowang and Petra Aarnoutse

14:00 – Jeromy Glennon:Core-Shell and Embedded Nanoparticle Layers forthe Separation and Sensing of Biomarkers (Oral)
14:20 – Lane Sander:Vitamin-D Metabolite Metrology (Oral)
14:40 –Karl-Siegfried Boos: Combined SPE-MS.MS Analysis of Small Molecules Directly in Blood and Blood Plasma(Oral)
15:00 – Wilfried Niessen: The Role of MS in Post-Column On-Line/At-Line Bioactivity Screening (Keynote)
15:30 – Shaoping Li: Strategy for Chromatographic Analysis of Glycans in Medicinal Plants (Keynote)

Sessions chaired by Robert Kennedy

17:00 – Gerd Vanhoenacker:LCXLC Hyphenated to Q-TOF MS for the Characterization of Protein Biopharmaceuticals (Oral)
17:20 – Caterina Temporini:Synthesis of a Neo-Glyco-Vaccine Against Tuberculosis: the Key Role of LC–MS (Oral)
17:40 – Sara Rosati:Rapid Characterization of Antibody Glycosylation Profiles by Native Orbitrap MS (Oral)


HPLC2013 TUTORIALS– G104–105

14:00 – Michael Lämmerhofer:Chiral Separations. Introduced by Debby Mangelings.
15:00 – Fabrice Gritti: Column Efficiency. Introduced by Michelle Camenzuli.
17:00 – Ulrich Tallarek: Towards Quantitative Morphology Transport Relationships for Chromatographic Stationary Phases. Introduced by Henrik Cornelisson van de Ven.