HPLC2013 Wednesday Afternoon Sessions

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9 June ? Amsterdam, Netherlands ? Wednesday afternoon will feature a keynote talk in the Auditorium from Michael L?mmerhofer on nanoparticle-based sample preparation for oxidized phospholipids as biomarkers of oxidative stress. Martin Giera will lead a talk in the Emerald room on the evaluation of different column chemistries for fast urinary metabolic profiling. High-throughput protein interaction analysis will be a talking point in rooms G102-103. Sessions will draw to a close with a discussion on needs for metabolomics in the Emerald room.

HYPERformance LC – Auditorium

These sessions will be in celebration of the scientific career of Wolfgang Lindner and are sponsored by Merck Millipore.

Sessions chaired by Christian Huber and HvW

14:00 – Pilar Franco: HPLC Performance of Zwitterionic Chiral Phasesfor Amino Acids and Other Ionisable Compounds(Oral)
14:20 – Kenji Hamase: Chiral Amino Acid Metabolome Analysis forBiomarker Assay in Clinical Diagnosis (Oral)
14:40 – Egidijus Machtejevas: Optimizing Selectivity for HPLC Separations of Charged and Neutral Polar Compounds (Oral)
15:00 – Alois Jungbauer:Purification of Baculovirus and Influenza VLP by Monoliths (Keynote)
15:30 – M. Lämmerhofer:Nanoparticle-Based Sample Preparation for HPLC-MS/MS of Oxidized Phospholipids as Biomarkers for Oxidative Stress (Keynote)

Sessions chaired by Nobuo Tanaka

17:00 – Fritz Erni: Impact of Quality by Design on Chromatography Method Development (Keynote)
17:30 – Wolfgang Lindner:Selectivity Tuning of Chiral Ion Exchangers via Chemical Structure and Mobile Phase Variations in HPLC and SFC Mode (Keynote)


Sessions chaired by David McCalley and Sebastiaan Eeltink

14:00 – Hannelore Daniel: Metabolomics (Keynote)
14:30 – Thomas Hankemeier:Analytical Solutions to Address the Challenges of Mass-Spectrometry Based Metabolomics (Keynote)
15:00 – Koen Sandra:State-of-the-Art LC-MS Based lipidomics Applied in the Study of Lung Diseases (Keynote)
15:20 – Martin Giera: Evaluation of Different Column Chemistries for Fast Urinary Metabolic Profiling (Oral)
15:40 – Constanze Müller: Molecular Cartography in Chlamydia Pneumoniae Infections – Non-Targeted Metabolomics (Oral)
17:00 – Cyril Antheaume: HPLC/DAD-MS/SPE/NMR Interface for High Throughput Projects (Oral)
17:20 – Robert-Jan Raterink: 3-Phase Electroextraction: A Sample Purificationand Enrichment Method for Bioanalysis (Oral)
17:40 – Discussion on Needs for Metabolomics


HPLC–MS – G102–103

Sessions chaired by Koji Otsuka and Emmie Ho

14:00 – Bjorn Berendsen:How to Assess Uncertainties in the Mass Spectrometric Confirmation (Oral)
14:20 – Michael Becker:Parallel LC-MALDI and MALDI Imaging for Identification of Biomarkers from Tissue (Oral)
14:40 – Bas Jansen: Full Plasma N-Glycoproteomics Using GlycoFrag and HILIC Micro-SPE Enrichment (Oral)
15:00 – Robert Kennedy: High-Throughput Protein Interaction Analysis Using Capillary and Microchip Electrophoresis (Keynote)
15:30 – John Frenz: Bigger is Better: Challenges in Pharmaceutical Microtechnology (Keynote)

Sessions chaired by Uwe Karst

17:00 – Hartmut Schlüter:Sample Displacement Chromatography for Protein Purification (Oral)
17:20 – Wenwan Zhong:Direct Coupling Protein Prefractionation with LC- MS/MS Using Electrospun Nanofibers (Oral)
17:40 – J.P. Chervet:Electrochemically Initiated Reactions Upfront MS - EC/MS an Unknown Panacea? (Oral)

HPLC2013 TUTORIALS – G104–105

14:00 – Marja-Liisa Riekkola: Environmental Analysis. Introduced by Alexander Boichenko.
15:00 – Michal Holčapek: Lipidomic Analysis. Introduced by Jana Králová.
17:00 – Yolanda Pico: Residue Analysis. Introduced by Petra Dinisova.