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Special Issues

LCGC SupplementsSpecial Issues-12-01-2017
Volume 35
Issue 12
Pages: 21

Company Description

Our HPLC columns have been designed and manufactured by Imtakt Corporation with exceptional craftsmanship and decades of industry experience. Truly some of the most unique column chemistries in the market today. Our columns give chromatographers:

  • High resolution

  • 25–50% lower pressure

  • Novel chemistry

Chief Chromatographic Techniques Supported

  • High performance liquid chromatography

  • Ultra high pressure liquid chromatography

  • Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry

  • Reverse phase

  • Normal phase

  • Anion exchange

  • Cation exchange

  • Multi-mode

  • Small molecule separations

  • Protein separations

Markets Served

All LC and LC–MS markets including: pharmaceutical, biotech, contract research, forensic, clinical diagnostic, food and beverage, industrial, chemical, environmental, and academic research.

Major Products/Services

Below is a sample of some HPLC column phases from Imtakt:

  • Dacapo DX-C18: 2.5 µm particle C18 column designed with a revolutionary dual matrix particle technology, optimized for extreme pH conditions.

  • Intrada Amino Acid: The world's first mixed-mode column designed to separate amino acids without the need for any derivatization.

  • Intrada SEC: Silica based SEC column designed for use in SEC-MS compatible conditions. GPC and GFC.

  • SCHERZO SM-C18: C18 multi-mode column with both anion and cation exchange.

  • PRESTO FF-C18: Consists of C18 bonded to monodispersed 2 µm non-porous silica. It is useful for both biopolymer and synthetic polymer separations. Ideal for intact antibody and ADC analysis.

  • CADENZA CD-C18: High resolution; 25–50% lower pressure; best with hydrophobic compounds, molecular recognition, and small molecule isomer separation.

  • Cadenza HS-C18: High resolution C18 column designed to accept direct injection of biological samples. No need to protein precipitate your samples for high throughput early drug discovery or clinical lab testing.

  • UNISON UK-AMINO: Revolutionary aqueous durability for aminopropyl phase; aqueous to non-aqueous normal phase separation.


We are located in Portland, Oregon, and deliver next day for 95% of North American orders and always within one week.

Imtakt USA
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