ITSP Solutions, Inc.

ITSP Solutions, Inc.

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Special Issues

LCGC Supplements, Special Issues-12-01-2014, Volume 32, Issue 12

Company Description

ITSP Solutions, Inc. offers a unique system for sample clean-up on-line for LC–MS-MS, GC–MS-MS, and GC–MS using a PAL System sample handler commonly sold under different brand names globally. ITSP is a consumable device for automated solid phase extraction and general lab filtration to remove unwanted contaminates from being introduced into the flow path of these complex analytical instruments.

ITSP offers exceptional results on the most difficult samples and is gaining popularity in the clinical, toxicology, and forensic markets as well as in pesticides in food products.

ITSP is not limited to one manufacturer of sorbents and is unique in its ability to simply automate and scale down customers' existing sample prep methods.

Chief Chromatographic Techniques Supported

  • Solid phase extraction

  • General lab filtration

Markets Served

  • Clinical

  • Toxicology

  • Forensic toxicology

  • Environmental

  • Pharmaceutical

Major Products/Services

ITSP Solutions has solid phase extraction methods that are geared specifically toward the clinical market including drugs of abuse, pain management, vitamins D2 and D3, immuno-suppressants, and steroids.

Likewise ITSP has been successfully implemented in environmental labs regularly testing for pesticides in foods.

ITSP has demonstrated precision that allows for extremely small sample volumes such as rat plasma to have solid phase extraction clean-up that cannot be achieved using manual techniques.


ITSP's headquarters are located at 212 Northlake Dr., in Hartwell, Georgia, with the production and technical support office located at 10 S. Carolina St., Hartwell, Georgia 30643.

ITSP Solutions, Inc.
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