JASIS 2019

LCGC Asia Pacific

The Japanese Analytical and Scientific Instruments Show (JASIS) 2019, which is organized by the Japan Analytical Instruments Association (JAIMA), is a cutting-edge systems and science exhibition and conference that promotes advances in science, analytical instruments, and scientific equipment manufacturers.

The conference is held from 5–7 February 2019 at the Grand Cube Osaka, Kansai, Japan. This exclusive newsletter, compiled by LCGC Asia Pacific, presents some of the highlights of the JASIS 2019 conference sessions.

Tuesday 5 February 2019

JAIMA Seminar (Floor A4, Room 1008)

Now You Are An Expert–MS

10:30–11:10 -Basic Ionization of Mass Spectrometry and How to Read Spectrum,Tomoya Kimini, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan

11:10–11:50 -Basics of LC–MS, Akira Motoyama, Shiseido Global Innovation Center, Japan

11:50–12:30 -Fundamentals of ICP–MS(Basic Knowledge of Collision/Reaction), Nanase Nanoko, Chemical Evaluation Research Organization, Japan

With This You Too Are Experts–Uncertainty Edition

13:30–14:40-Introduction to Uncertainty Assessment, Takahiro Nakamura, NEC Electric Meter Inspection Center, Japan

14:45–15:25 -Uncertainty Evaluation Method Using Model Equation, Hideyuki Tanaka, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan

15:30–16:00-Calibration of Micropipette and Uncertainty Evaluation Examples, Akira Takao, Japan Quality Assurance Organization

16:00–16:30 -Case of Uncertainty Evaluation in Chemical Analysis-Point and Method, Ken Yamazawa, Chemical Evaluation Research Organization, Japan


Wednesday 6 February 2019

JAIMA Seminar (Floor A4, Room 1008)

First Time Instrument Analysis–Confident Data Processing

10:30–11:00 -Correct Handling of Measurement Values, Norihisa Uemoto, Meisei University Faculty of Science and Technology, Japan

11:30–12:30Treatment of Uneven Measurement Results,Yuki Kitami, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University, Japan

With This, You Are Also An Expert–LC Edition

13:30–14:20 -Tips for Liquid-It’s Essence,Yoshi Nakamura, Tokyo University of Science, Japan

14:20–15:10 Tips for Separation, Hiroaki Kumagai, Agilent Technologies Co. Ltd.

15:10–16:00 -Tips for Detection, Hiroshi Makami, Shimadzu Integrated Service Co., Ltd.


Thursday 7 February 2019

JAIMA Seminar (Floor A4, Room 1008)

Step-Up of Instrument Analysis–Confident Basic Experimental Operation

13:30–14:30 -Accurate Measurement of Mass and Capacity-Confidently Using Electronic Bottles and Pipettes, Shuhide Miyashita, Shimadzu General Service Co., Ltd.

14:40–15:00 -Self-Confident Solution Preparation-What and How to Dissolve,Nobuo Uehara, Utsunomiya University, Graduate School of Engineering, Japan

Nikkei Cooperative Seminar (Floor A4, Room 1008)

10:30–12:30 -Basic Knowledge of Scientific Equipment Industry Wanted to Know­-Environmental Analysis, Session sponsored by Japan Scientific Instruments Association (JSIA)

Japanese Pharmacopoeia Seminar (Floor A5, Room 1009)

13:30–14:10 -Recent Trends of the Japanese Pharmacopeia, Yasuhiro Yamashita, Independent Administrative Pharmaceutical Agency Standards Division Criteria Expert, Japan

14:10–14:50 Analysis of Pharmaceuticals by New Physicochemical Test Method, Kumiko Kato, National Pharmaceutical Food Sanitation Laboratory, Japan

14:50–15:30-Latest Trends Related to Biopharmaceuticals, Hiroko Shibata, National Institute of Food Hygiene, Japan

15:30–16:00 -Quantitative NMR and Japanese Pharmacopoeia, Yukihiro Goda, National Institute of Food Hygiene, Japan