LC–MS, Environmental and Food Science


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This Tuesday morning session will be presided over by Mary Ellen McNally of DuPont Crop Protection (Wilmington, Delaware).

Session 1040, Room 209A

This Tuesday morning session will be presided over by Mary Ellen McNally of DuPont Crop Protection (Wilmington, Delaware.

The session will begin with a presentation by Olujide T. Akinbo of Butler University (Indianapolis, Indiana) titled “Development and Application of a Method for the Simultaneous Analysis of Five Bisphenols in Canned Beverages by Solid-Phase Extraction Liquid Chromatography–Tandem Mass Spectrometry (SPE–LC–MS/MS).

He is followed by Dongting Liu of Dow AgroSciences (Indianapolis, Indiana) who will present “The Characterization of Pesticide Soil Metabolites using Microbial Cultures Coupled with Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry”.

Ruipu Mu of Missouri University of Science and Technology (Rolla, Missouri) will present the next talk titled “A Fast Separation and Quantification Method for Nitroquanidine and 2,4-Dinitoanisole by Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry”.

Lane Sander of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (Gaithersburg, Maryland) will present “Use of Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry Methods in the Certification of Food and Dietary Supplement Standard Reference Materials”.

A 15-minute recess will ensue followed by a talk at 9:35 am titled “The Promise of Dilute-and-Shoot Injections for Pesticide Residue Analysis in Different Food Types Using Experimentally Determined Matrix Effects”. This will be given by Richard Lake of Restek Corporation (Bellefonte, Pennsylvania).

The next presentation is by Rachadaprn Seemamahannop from the University of Missouri, He will talk on the “Evaluation of Oligolysines and Alpah Hydroxyl Acid Capped Oligolysines as Selective Substrate for Rapid Quantification of Trypsin Inhibitor in Food and Feed Formulation with Electrospray Mass Spectrometry (ESI-MS).

The penultimate presentation is titled “Hyphenation of LC Techniques to ICP/MS for Improved Detection Levels of CrVI in the Environment” by Joaudimir Castro Georgi of CNRS-IPREM (Pau, France).

The session will end with a presentation titled “Application of Ultra High Mass Resolution Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry for the Determination of the Polyether Toxins and Their Biotransformation Products in Shellfish” by Kevin J. James of the University College, Cork (Cork, Ireland).

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