LEAP PAL Parts and Consumables, LLC


Special Issues

LCGC SupplementsSpecial Issues-12-01-2013
Volume 31
Issue 12

LEAP PAL Parts and Consumables focuses on supplying CTC/LEAP PAL autosampler users a single source for obtaining instrument consumables.

Company Description

LEAP PAL™ Parts and Consumables focuses on supplying CTC/LEAP PAL™ autosampler users a single source for obtaining instrument consumables. We provide the research community with automation syringes, valves and accessories, vials and caps, and replacement parts for the CTC PAL™ autosampler. Our opening charge was to assist labs in reducing the cost of ownership of their PAL™ autosampler. We couple the highest quality products with availability all while offering excellent pricing. Additionally, our goal is to ship all orders same day.

Chief Chromatographic Techniques Supported

  • High pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC/UPLC)

  • Gas chromatography and headspace analysis

  • Sample prep techniques used for chromatographic injection

Markets Served

LEAP PAL Parts enjoys an international customer base serving both end users and OEMs. Our customers are leaders in:

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Biotechnology

  • Petrochemical

  • Forensics

  • Toxicology

  • Food and beverage

  • Environmental

Major Products/Services

CTC/LEAP PAL™ Autosampler Parts; LC and GC Syringes; LC and GC Valves and components; pharmaceutical syringes; LEAP PAL Parts offers its own L-MARK® and L-MARK® Gold syringes. This syringe was designed specifically for the CTC/PAL autosampler. We also distribute both Hamilton and SGE syringes. Valves: Valco Instruments and Rheodyne valves, valve components and accessories. Vials and Caps: L-MARK® vials and caps needed for many automation systems. All L-MARK® vials and caps are US made in a clean facility. Cutting edge products include mass spec quality (MSQ) caps and low adsorption (LA) chromatography vials. CTC Replacement Parts: LEAP PAL parts should be your source for authentic CTC replacement parts. Most frequently required items ship same day.


LEAP PAL Parts in Raleigh, North Carolina conveniently located next to Research Triangle Park and the Raleigh/Durham Airport. The facility was designed to efficiently and expeditiously fill customer orders carrying the inventory needed to process. Our goal is assist our customers to "Simplify."

LEAP PAL Parts and Consumables, LLC

8810 Westgate Park Drive

Suite 110

Raleigh, NC 27617


(877) 725-1007


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