Mobile Phase Reservoirs from Corning


PYREX HPLC Mobile Phase Reservoir, Single Cavity

Mobile Phase Reservoirs from Corning

Corning’s line of reservoirs are ideal for mobile phase (MP) delivery in HPLC applications.  The reservoir design allows delivery of all but 15 mL of MP to the pump.  Reference graduated and plastic coated for safety.  The autoclavable plastic coat absorbs UV up to 385 nm, and a GL-45 thread finish.

Three-hole delivery cap accessory allows for delivery, sparging and venting.

Cat. No.                     Capacity (mL)          Height x Diameter (mm)   Ordering Details         
2150-1L                     1000                           260 x 120 1                           Click Here
2150-2L                     2000                           325 x 150 1                           Click Here
2150-5L                     5000                           385 x 195 1                           Click Here
2150-10L                   10,000                        465 x 240 1                           Click Here
1395-3H                    3 Hole Cap                                                                 Click Here , 1-800-343-6015
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