Optimizing and Automating Peptide Mapping Workflow by Reducing Missed Cleavages and Improving to High-Throughput Chromatography



Webinar Date/Time: Thursday, June 29, 2023 at 17:00 CEST | 11:00 EDT | 08:00 PDT

Discover how to simplify peptide mapping data with a robust workflow. Small changes to sample prep and chromatography can improve results.

Register Free: https://www.biopharminternational.com/bp_w/peptide-mapping-workflow

Event Overview:

Explore automated improvements to high-throughput peptide mapping workflow to drastically reduce missed cleavages during sample preparation, simplifying data for interpretation. This webcast will review how to further improve results with simple column chemistry comparisons.

Topics include:

  • Reduction of missed cleavages in peptide mapping workflow
  • Simpler data interpretation due to more consistent cleavage
  • Improvement in peak shape and carryover of hydrophobic peptides
  • Systematic approach to method optimization

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Discover simple and automated changes to digestion protocols to improve data.
  • Compare column chemistry to improve peak shape and loss of hydrophobic peptides.
  • Understand the analytical journey from standard to optimized methods.

Who Should Attend:

  • Peptide mapping scientists
  • MAM scientists
  • Laboratory managers in biotherapeutic labs
  • Scientists in biotherapeutic labs
  • Method developers for mAb analysis


Dan Bach Kristensen, PH.D.
Principal Scientist

Dan Bach Kristensen holds a Ph.D. in Biology and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Dan is specialized in protein chemistry and mass spectrometry (MS), for which he initially applied in the field of proteome research in Japan and then later in Denmark. For the past 15 years, Dan has been working with analytical development in the biopharmaceutical industry on projects ranging from early discovery through to product registration. Clinical indications include bleeding disorders, neutropenia, autoimmune diseases, and oncology. Dan currently works as a principal scientist at Symphogen, which is specialized in the development of antibodies and antibody mixtures for the treatment of cancer.
Register Free: https://www.biopharminternational.com/bp_w/peptide-mapping-workflow

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