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Complementary Analysis with a 2D-LC–MS Instrument for Flexible Operation

This goal of this note is identity confirmation of protein-based impurities of a therapeutic protein by multi heart-cut 2D-LC–MS in a top-down experiment.

Application Note: Refining the Craft of Winemaking through Automated Analysis

King Estate Winery is one of the biggest and best producers in Oregon, U.S. Read about their success story of sustainable growth rooted in quality control.

Your Successful Grant-Writing Journey

A well-thought-out and detailed grant proposal is essential to the success of the application. Here are 7 steps in the grant-writing process to help you reach new heights.

Reveal complex chemical structures with ultimate confidence, ease, and experimental versatility

HRAM MS that utilizes technology that significantly augments unknown analysis capabilities in MetID, untargeted metabolomics and lipidomics research.

Improved quantitation of nitrosamine in metformin

Highly selective and sensitive quantitation of eight nitrosamines in metformin drug products using a single LC-SRM-MS method

Next-level Productivity: TSQ Plus MS Portfolio

Today’s challenges in targeted quantitation involve more than just measuring concentrations of target analytes. Gains in productivity are achieved through new hardware and software features.