Pittcon 2023

Published on: 
LCGC Europe, February 2023, Volume 36, Issue 02
Pages: 71

Pittcon is back in-person from 18–22 March 2023, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

The premier conference and exposition on laboratory science, Pittcon provides direct access to the latest research and developments from an international assembly of top scientists and innovators. Advance your knowledge through the technical programme, listen to top researchers by attending award sessions and invited symposia, connect with professionals in networking sessions, and discover new insights on a range of subjects by signing up for in-person short courses.

A sampling of sessions at Pittcon that chromatographers will find interesting includes:

  • LCGC Lifetime Achievement Award in Chromatography
  • LCGC Emerging Leader in Chromatography Award
  • Green Analytical Liquid Chromatography—“This is the Way”
  • Application of LC–MS and its Challenges in Drug Discovery and Development
  • Application of Automation and Machine Learning for Analytical Sciences—Challenges in Pharmaceutical Research and Development
  • Analytical Challenges and Solutions in the Detection and Quantification of Food Allergens
  • Advances in Microfluidic Separations for Biological and Pharmaceutical Applications
  • The Chromatography Forum of the Delaware Valley Dal Nogare Award

Pittcon is honoured to announce Dr. Joanna Aizenberg of Harvard University as the 2023 Wallace H. Coulter Lecturer. A distinct, keynote facet of Pittcon’s annual conference, the 2023 Coulter Lecture is entitled “Venturing into Analytical Chemistry Using Photonic Crystals”. The topic will introduce a powerful colloidal co-assembly approach that results in large-scale, highly ordered porous photonic crystals. This keynote lecture is scheduled to begin at 5:30 PM on Sunday 19 March 2023, in the Michael Nutter Theater at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Pittcon’s in-person, instructor-led short courses provide registrants with the opportunity to enhance their professional, technical, and scientific skill sets. Covering an array of relevant topics, these continuing education courses—of which there are over 60—will be offered from 18 March 2023, in full- and half-day formats.

Networking sessions have become an important and valued facet of what Pittcon offers participants year on year, and this year’s sessions promise to be even more inclusive and collaborative than ever before. The 90-min networking sessions provide a unique opportunity for attendees with similar interests to meet other professionals in an informal setting. Here, participants will attend facilitated discussions on scientific topics of interest in a casual, open, and collaborative atmosphere. These sessions facilitate a renewed, more enriched perspective on a variety of scientific disciplines, while also helping many find solutions to laboratory problems they may be facing. Networking sessions are scheduled at Pittcon twice daily—morning and afternoon—20–22 March 2023.

Contact: Rocco Pacella

Email: marketing@pittcon.org

Event location: Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Registration: pittcon.org/register