PowerPack - UHPLC-Ion Trap Bundle Special Offer

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UHPLC-Ion Trap Bundle Special Offer

Do you work in one of the following environments?

•Analytical Services
•Synthetic Confirmation/Structure Elucidation
•Pharmaceutical Library QC
•Stability Testing/Formulation
•Metabolite Screening/ID

Dramatically expand your analytical capabilities with the Bruker LC-MS/MS amaZon PowerPack system designed specifically to deliver maximum performance for your workflow!

Make use of the perfect LC-MS/MS package: the reliable, high performance Bruker amaZon SL ion trap equipped with a fully UHPLC compatible Dionex UltiMate 3000 Basic Automated System for a timely limited reduced price quote.

With this new system you will have the capability to:

•Keep up with UHPLC conditions:
•See more of your analytes:
•Work with Simplicity and Capability:
•Expand compound detection:
•Work with extended dynamic range:

Future-Proof Frontend technology:The UltiMate 3000 Basic Automated System delivers UHPLC compatibility and modular flexibility with compact system size. More information about amaZon PowerPack: http://www.bdal.com/products/lc-ms/ion-trap/

Contact us: ref="http://www.bdal.com/products/lc-ms/ion-trap/">http://www.bdal.com/products/lc-ms/ion-trap/